soup! soup! soup!

Good morning! I am collecting recipes for the holidays, ready to cook up a storm hopefully during a snow storm! So far I have roasted and pureed pumpkin in my freezer for a pumpkin soup and I am planning on making it simple: add organic vegetable broth, light cream cheese (rather than cream) and sage. Fried sage will be the garnish.

Squash Soup with Fried Sage garnish


Other than that, I am going to make a sourdough artichoke parmesan stuffing for the holiday turkey that is a winner from Sunset Magazine. Probably a few pies; I hesitate to use frozen fruit, but I may have to considering fruit is not exactly in season here in Idaho…..I am going to hit the local vegetable stands to see what winter vegetables are on hand and go to Kim’s for any arugula she may have to spare.

For a fairly large holiday party on December 23rd, I am going to make four dips and serve with crackers, crostini, pita chips. I want to figure out the edamame hummus that is served at Murphy’s on Broadway in Boise – it is fabulous! My other dips will be a herbed feta dip, the ever popular spinach dip but with low fat ingredients, and hmmmm……something special for blanced vegetables. Any suggestions out there?

As usual, I am making all of my holiday gifts. I always try to either make my gifts or make sure they are made in Idaho, preferrably local. This is giving the secret away, but what the heck! I am making rosemary infused olive oil, and all the rosemary came from friend’s gardens. I am also making salt scrubs wtih lavendar. For the guys on my list, I thought chocolate raspberry brownies (low fat if you can believe that) would be in order.

This is the time of year to pause and be grateful. I am grateful for the wonderful man in my life, a supportive and loving family, and the best friends that are my other family a girl could have. I am grateful for a career in real estate that is not only rewarding but fun.

Be safe in your holiday travels, and be grateful…..

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