What is it about the holidays?

This holiday season, besides keeping in mind what this is truly all about, I have been struck by the “secret Santa’s” I have witnessed lately. I have to tell you that every time I see it happen, I sense the goodness in the world is alive and well in Boise, Idaho.

For instance, true kindness in traffic etiquette, cars taking turns in letting those trying to turn left or right. Tender generosity in giving at a street corner for those in dire need – some of the cardboard signs bring me to tears. I have seen donation barrels for toy or warm coats overflowing at the office, some of my co-workers hauling in large bags daily. Have you noticed how many folks are letting a person in line ahead if their cart is no where as near as full as the other person’s was?

There are ways to give online – a site to check is  http://www.donorschoose.org/. Try your local Salvation Army or thrift stores run by local non-profits. Food banks and homeless shelters need our help right now.

Helping others and giving from your heart is so much better than shopping, in my book. Think about the difference you can make…..

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