Staggering statistics….

I have been more than moved the past two weeks after I met with the Ada County Association of Realtors Community Foundation, Boise, Idaho, to determine our 2010 grant donations. The non-profit agencies this year asking for help to house the homeless and feed the needy overwhelmed all of us in the room.

Did you know that “the two trends… largely responsible for the rise in homelessness over the past 20-25 year are a growing shortage of affordable rental housing and a simultaneous increase in poverty….Recently, foreclosures have increased the number of people who experience homelessness” (source

The statistics are staggering, the needs heart wrenching. I am asking for everyone to give some thought this holiday season to either donating money to your local community to assist the needs of the homeless or donate your time. Just give it some thought, ok?

For all of you fellow realtors in Ada County, Idaho, please consider giving to your Realtor Community Foundation so that we can give back to our community and give to those in need. Those who we can help directly.

Thank you…..

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