You Will Not Know the Answers If You Don’t Ask the Questions

I have had a writer’s block this past year. Maybe it’s the aftermath of the pandemic now that we have had to learn to live with covid. Maybe I’m just mad at the people in America that refused to take a deadly virus serious. But ‘Merica, folks.

I am not understanding why Americans don’t question some of the things that they hear and repeat to others. I was told something this weekend that was so far fetched that I could not even find it on a Google search. Had to be Qanon, which is frightening.

More and more, I have been reading the most troubling posts on social media, so I scroll past or just not open up that app lately. My problem is that when I know something is misinformation or disinformation, I react. I report that post.

It’s the 21st century and we have the means to check facts. We can consult with experts and ask the right questions. We have the resources to dig deeper. We can attend events that teach us to be better Americans.

And yet, this is also where the problem lies in our nation. Some of those events are skewed towards the side of politics that resonates with the person present. The attendees are listening to ideals that they identify with, which is a small fraction of Americans. Certainly not the nation, not all Americans.

The response seems to typically be whataboutism. But “what about me?” is a cop out.

Give me the facts and I will respect you more. But at least make sure your facts are factual. That’s all I ask.

#FactsMatter #Truth #TheBigLie

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