Ask Me About Last Friday #Hemp

I attended a lunch series at a local law firm two weeks ago and learned about a new company here in Idaho called Hempitecture®. They started making Hempcrete and have expanded into making HempWool® which is a biobased, plant based insulation product for walls, floors and ceilings. This product is sustainable, high performing, easy to install, and resistant to mold and insects. And an unbelievable sound barrier. I could use a custom door that separates my side of the house from the Airbnb side of this place!

Last Friday I went with a friend to Hempitecture’s official ribbon cutting for their new manufacturing plant in Jerome, Idaho. Here is the best news of all: this is the first of its kind in the United States! Keynote speakers included Larry Hall, Jerome’s 2020 (economic development org.); Tom Kealey, Idaho Dept. Commerce; Rudy Soto, USDA Rural Development Director for Idaho; Sven Mumme, US Dept. of Energy which focuses on R&D building and emerging technologies; Aimée Christensen, Christensen Global, and of course, Mattie Mead, Founder & CEO of Hempitecture.

Something to note is that there will be federal funding and tax incentive opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, which includes insulation. If you follow the Hempitecture® blog or newsletter you will be informed about updates. I’m already signed up for both!

Before I share the pictures I took that day with you, please take the time to check out what this innovative company is doing. I challenge you to incorporate their products when you build your next home or when you plan a remodel.

Their Instagram page has all sorts of great posts to learn more

Their page on HempWool® will enlighten you far better than I can

#sustainable #energyefficient #hempinsulation

Photo courtesy of Hempitecture®

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