Pandemic Peak #AreWeThereYet

Well, I got my second vaccination dose yesterday. Today I have a sore arm, feel a bit sluggish. But that’s it. I am fortunate after hearing so many stories from friends that felt otherwise.

Getting vaccinated has me thinking, what do I want to do this summer that I have not been able to for over a year?

Number one is gathering with friends for dinner parties. Zoom doesn’t cut it when you can’t pass that dish or bowl of delicious food.

Outdoor concerts. Live music. This has to be able to resume safely, don’t you think?

Shakespeare. Here in Boise, our Shakespeare is outdoors in a lovely setting along the Boise River. Yes, Shakespeare.

The Capitol City Market, a farmer’s market in downtown Boise on Saturdays. From their website, it appears that they will still be in a smaller location for 2021. I miss the large setting downtown.

First Thursdays downtown Boise. I think I will give it a try next week. I love going to the Boise Art Museum and galleries where my friends display their art. I know they are following mask guidelines. Time for me to go back.

But most of all, getting on a plane to see family or friends. From what I understand, Delta has the best safety practices.

I just want to live again.

#COVIDRules #PracticeSafety #Friends

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