Don’t Be a Negative Nerd #SmileDamnit

I think a great deal of Americans and other nations have been in a funk for awhile now. We are tired of COVID, negative politics, nasty comments on social media, rude vehicle drivers. Let’s face it, things don’t seem to be going our way.

Maybe things used to go your way, but you have to admit, not always. I freely admit that.

Something did not go my way today and I had to talk myself out of being in a funk. Maybe the other person was just clueless. Maybe the other person needed time to think. Maybe I expected too much.


I don’t want to be that way. I think we all want life to be pre-pandemic life again. It probably will be someday but not until we all take responsibility. I don’t need to spell that out, either. You are all grownups. You know better.

So, no matter where I go from now on, I am going to smile more. I am going to let someone ahead in traffic more often (and sometimes wish law enforcement is nearby). I am going to open doors for the next person every time I can. I am going to ask for a supervisor every time I speak on the phone with an employee of a business or corporation I do business with to give the person that helped me a commendation. I am going to give compliments every time. I want to make people smile, too!

Remember the saying “random acts of kindness”? If you don’t, learn about it.

Giving gifts makes you a better smiler, too. Smiles are gifts. (is smiler a word?)

#Smile #GiveAGift #Kindness #RandomActs #LifeLesson

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Negative Nerd #SmileDamnit

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  1. “I am going to let someone ahead in traffic more often”
    Thank you, Laurie!

    That particular act of kindness will also make life safer for all of us, or at least for everyone on the road (and maybe also the sidewalk) at that moment!

    Stay safe,

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