Who Will Answer the Phone? #ReachOut

Last week was a gut wrencher, in more ways than I could have imagined. I think this pandemic stuff is getting to me. I have become an introverted extrovert. My only ray of sunshine is that I have one vaccine done, the next is on my calendar.

When I get a funk, I call my friends. One night last week, I made a few calls. Nobody answered my call. No one even answered with a text. That got me to thinking…..

What if I was in a space that I really needed to talk?

What if? I wasn’t but think of the people you know that may be in that spot. I bet you know at least one person. If not more. What if?

So, my advice today is this: if you cannot answer the phone, please acknowledge the call with a text. Follow up and call back. Let the person, friend, family member know when they can expect a reach out.

We have got to remember that some people need that. Can you all do that for me?

#AnswerThePhone #LifeLesson #Communication #PandemicBlues

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