Help is Attainable, Inside Each One of Us #HelpingHand

This is not another looking back at 2020 but looking forward. I recognized that last year had it’s share of gloom, but the gloom I am referring to is the loss of lives, friends and acquaintances from cancer, COVID or suicide. The grief that accompanied each loss was, in many ways, different from the last or the next.

25 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and since then I have helped dozens of women (and a man!) navigate their journey. Some did not make it, some did. Nowadays, one has a far better chance for recovery than just 10 years ago. My best advice? Get a book titled Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book for yourself or a friend. It is considered the bible of comprehending your diagnosis and your treatment. The simple gesture of picking up a phone to call or liking a post on social media was the support many friends needed at the time. We all need the assurance that someone cares.

COVID, where do I start with this virus? My only advice is to listen to the experts, not the politicians or Facebook posts. If you have questions, ask your PCP (primary care physician) or your specialist. They know the answers and if not, they know who to call. The first step is to trust the experts and tune out social media. I have many friends who work in the medical industry who I respect. Wear that mask, please wear a mask!

Suicide brought me to my knees last year. Depression is the dark creature that reared its ugly head for so many people. I discovered that calling friends more often led me to realize some simply needed another person just to talk to. There was a lot to be down about, even for me. But calling friends and family helped me get out of that funk. Even my calls with clients started out by asking, how are you doing? I learned that business could wait. Reaching out was far more important.

This blog post is just a reminder to keep in touch with others, reach out to those you have not spoken with for a while. Your conversation will make a difference.

#Communication #Compassion #LifeLesson

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