Dear Friends, #StayAtHome

Dear Friends,

This past week I listened to a segment on NPR titled Dear Stranger. I learned that Oregon Humanities sponsors an annual letter writing project. This year they are encouraging people to reflect on their experiences about how the pandemic has upended their lives. I wish every state in America had something like this project. This is my letter to you, friends.

Since my open heart surgery last fall, I have been working from home more than going to the office. So, I am more or less used to the stay at home business of life right now.

Needless to say, I do get out every morning for my hike with Murphy, my spunky labradoodle. Distancing on the trails in the Boise foothills can be a challenge, but everyone seems to have it figured out, even the mountain bikers. The best thing about going on my hikes first thing in the morning is the fresh air, the beautiful skies, the new growth of green grasses, flowers starting to bloom, the Western Meadowlarks singing. My way to start a day!

When I get home, it’s business almost as usual with emails, research, calls to clients, then calls to friends. But my calls now are more about asking how are you doing, asking what can I do to help and just listening. You will be surprised how rewarding the call will turn out to be. Try it.

I am also cooking more than usual, but who isn’t, right? Baking bread is my new joy. Finding yeast took some determined shopping for 10 days, thank goodness I did that last month. I had whole wheat flour but that made my rustic loaf a bit too dense. My dear sweet friend Cody brought me white all-purpose flour which I had run out of. There is something about baking bread that soothes my soul.

I’m not watching more television, in fact, I am watching less. I have pulled knitting projects I have ignored for far too long and I have finished one already. Nothing fancy, just regular knit one row, purl another row. Good enough for me and I don’t have to really look. Late afternoons are spent on my front porch on the couch. Maybe a few more phone calls to connect with friends.

When the time comes, the picture on this post is my front door welcome mat. You will know you have arrived when you smile.

Life is great.

#LifeLesson #PandemicLife #Grateful

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