Dear Friends, How Are You Doing? #HomeForNow

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you today to check in with you. How is your new day to day life? Do you have all that you will need at home? Do you have other friends that can get you things should your resources run low? Do you need help?

I realized when I woke up this morning that I needed help getting motivated for the day. I was not following a routine I had before this stay-at-home-during-the-pandemic started. Part of the change was to make my bed and get dressed into my hiking gear after I woke up. I was determined to be ready for my morning hike with Murphy. In other words, after that 30 minute computer search, I would be ready for a hike. Today I am happy to report I am not in my pajamas as I type!

I am finding new ways to cook my meals, new ingredients I have not used before. And, nothing goes to waste. I sautéed cabbage the other night, the next day the leftovers became a soup. I bought plain Greek yogurt and found it to be too plain. So, I am using 5 drops of orange or almond extract and stirring the yogurt before I add my homemade granola. I bought quinoa! Get this, now the bread aisles in stores are empty. Well, I have flour at home so all I needed was yeast (try finding that!). After a two week search, I finally found a 2lb brick of Red Start yeast. I can make my favorite no knead bread and add some dried herbs from last year’s garden. I am set.

I am calling everyone I care about, friends and clients alike, just to check in. If business comes up in a call, fine. But that is not my focus this week. It is simply to touch base and say hello.

What I am also finding comforting as of late are the end of the broadcast clips or the stories about Americans helping their neighbors. Have you heard about Invisible Hands in New York City? In the USA Today publication, they have begun what is called the Storytellers Project, sharing true, personal stories from across the country. Search Humankind in USA Today. Even our local television networks have stories that will give you hope for humanity.

We will get through this. America has always been a resilient nation. Be safe, be well!

#lifelesson #coronavirus #stayathome #bewell

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