Hope Is My Path #LoveEqualsHope

I could write positive vs. negative, hope vs. fear, what is real and what is fake. And still not be able to fully describe the angst and confusion that COVID-19 has done to our planet.

I drive every early morning to my hiking spot, early so that I am usually alone on the trail and in my thoughts. It’s this time of day that I drive past yard signs, signs in front windows, a sign on a rooftop, and even the bushes at Cynthia Mann Elementary School that bring a smile of hope about the situation we now find ourselves in.

What is hope to you? How has hope gotten you past a difficult time in life? How as hope escaped you when you could not reach that edge? How has hope seemed to be so far away and then, voila! Hope shows up unexpectedly.

Hope is what we all need and want right now. Need is a strong word, but these are difficult times. Want is more realistic, but what is reality right now anyway?

Hope will guide us out of a stay at home order to a new world. If you don’t yet have a mask, please get one. There are more people than you realize that are vulnerable. This virus also attacks organs and for me, that is my heart.

Hope will give our communities and countries the path to move forward and hopefully, work better together. Working together solves problems, going at it alone gives us no direction.

Hope will help us understand the inevitable changes to a new way of life. Some things will not be the same, but will they be better anyway? Some jobs will change, so how can we help others find a way to change as well? How are we going to help others if we need help ourselves?

I hope we will become better citizens on Planet Earth. Hope that we will forever take better care of each other. Hope that we will come out of this a kinder nation, too.

I sincerely hope that we have options, choices, ideas, paths, and a plan for what lies ahead.

Can you commit to that? Hope?

#Hope #BetterPath #EmbraceTheFutureAhead #LifeLesson

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