Grief and Grieving Does Take Time, Be Present For Others #Grief

Back in 1999 at my first brokerage as a licensed agent in Boise, a gal named Janet told me her story of a daughter who died in a car accident. Sudden death is obliterating as I later found out 3.5 years ago when Paul died of complications from cardiac arrest.

One thing Janet told me, taught me, was that after the initial period after death and services or memorials, your friends and family go back to their lives. You are in their thoughts and perhaps their prayers, but the person grieving has no idea. Unless you reach out. Janet told me that what meant the most to her were her friends and loved ones that called frequently. Took her things, took her out, made sure she had someone to talk to.

Boise, Idaho just experienced a tragic loss because of an unspeakable attack on children and adults at an apartment complex in Northwest Boise. Newly resettled residents who were targeted for no other reason than being at the wrong place during a rage from a person who, well, I honestly cannot describe.

Yes, the party attendees are refugees. The refugee population in the Treasure Valley has become an integral part of our community providing vibrant culture and diversity. I have no idea why this happened at that apartment complex as well as the apartment that was celebrating a three year old’s birthday. None of us here in Boise can fathom why.

But as Boiseans we will not be defined by this, as Mayor Bieter wrote in the Idaho Statesman opinion section on July 5, 2018.

Boise is a welcoming community, to one and all. What I am now asking is that we do not forget Bifituu Kadir, and a mother’s grief for her 3 year-old daughter, Ruya Kadir.

As a community, let’s make sure all the residents at Wylie Apartments are not forgotten from this trauma. Let’s make sure they are helped when help is needed, are supported when support is due, are touched by touching base during the deepest period of the grieving process. And, write note cards or letters. Snail mail always warms a heart.

Boise can do this for each other, right? #YesWeCan

#Grief #Grieving #StayInTouch #BePresent

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