I Caught a Break & It’s a Good Thing #LifeIsGood

A wise woman told me, just yesterday as a matter of fact, that I did catch a break and it was a good thing. She is SO right!

Catching a break is a good thing when the outcome is positive.

Sure, you can default to the why me syndrome, and why not, it’s what most of us do. However, looking at that break as a good thing, for instance, “Ah ha! That’s why!” will make the perspective completely different.

It is all on how we look at what life presents us. I choose gratitude.

I am so grateful for where I am in life, in many more ways that I give credit to.

Today I am giving myself a break from life, working from home and taking it easy. You know what? There is truly no need to rush, rush, rush. I believe that is why I enjoy my dog walks and hikes every day. I listen to the birds, I hear the water rushing along the river or the canal, I hear laughter when I pass others on their walks or bikes on the greenbelt. I can hear a jet or two in the path of descent approaching Boise airport. I watch the surfers or kayakers at the Whitewater Park dam.

How great is that?

I want you all to take a break this week, a break from the news, from social media, from television or even the radio. Go take that walk you have been meaning to take.

#lifelesson #catchabreak #gratitude

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