Two Week Hiatus, Self-Direction #MuchNeededBreak

Not really, well sort of. My former laptop took a nose dive and eventually the hard drive failed, but thankfully after my data had been salvaged. Then, another few days to transfer data as it was before. Getting a new computer is only as good as how much one can transfer and how much you find out doesn’t work in the following days of new ownership.

I wonder if that is how my real estate Buyers feel after moving into their new homes?

I have to admit my time disconnected was only as good as the first few days when I was oblivious to the future to come, without a computer for weeks.

No Twitter news feed.

No Outlook. Yes, I am addicted to Outlook.

No world news updates. Well, that was almost a blessing in disguise until tRump turned into the man child that he is but now on a world stage. {sigh}

How did I manage?

I went to bed by 10:00 pm

I drank more water

I drank less wine

I ate better meals with fresh food ingredients

I read a book

I sat in my back patio and watched a few sunsets

I reconnected with friends

I drank more water

It was not really all that awful not having a computer, it was merely an inconvenience.

#LifeIsGood #MuchNeededBreak #LifeLesson

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