Words Matter, Now More Than Ever #WordsMatter

Sunday evening I had the distinct pleasure to listen to John Pavlotivz at the Riverside Hotel thanks to the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights here in Boise. Rather than write about this experience, I want to share my notes:

We are here to amplify voices

Words do matter

Be a different voice in a Christian world

Declare inherent worth of good

Our silence is not an option

We are experiencing the most toxic, anti-diversity administration (in American history)

Value of humanity

(we need to put out) Deeply personal words out in to the world

We are a product of our own stories

We may have inherited false stories of others not like us

Stores you never heard before you will change you for life

Truer stories change you

Live open hearted to understand others

Pivot points in our lives that change everything (what is yours?)

What changes your faith journey?

Ask anything, say everything

Diversity is the table that Jesus sat – (what table are you sitting at?)

Cruelty is threatening our world

The bigger table is needed now more than ever (do you even sit at that table?)

Hope is the most valuable currency when the world is upside down

Things we can do to make change happen:

  • Have those family conversations, no matter what
  • Speak the truth
  • We cannot be silent about things we deeply care about
  • Speak to an audience of others that listen
  • Engage in personal activism
  • Share your story, your voice

Yes, to all of the above.

#johnpavlovitz #speakthetruth #listentoothers #shareyourstory #equalrights #diversity #wassmuthcenter

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