I’m Not a Breast Cancer Survivor, I’m a Breast Cancer Champion #breastcancer

I participated in the Boise Race for The Cure event here in Boise this past Saturday. My office peeps wanted to honor my 22+ years being cancer free. I am so grateful that I work with such wonderful human beings that acknowledge my breast cancer experience. #ThankYou

I have said this in the past: my breast cancer diagnosis did not intimidate me, but instead, it inspired me to become an advocate. 21 years ago, I became involved in the Idaho Breast Cancer Coalition, which at the time was an “arm” of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. I lobbied on Capitol Hill for three years for breast cancer research dollars. I organized and lead a local event for Expedition Inspiration Fund, whose sole mission is to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Suffice to say, I am passionate about women’s issues. However, I must state, I am passionate about breast cancer research efforts. That is my main focus. Research. No pink fluff.

Let’s get to the point of this post: I am not a ‘survivor’. I am a champion for women.

For breast cancer research. But my passion for women’s issues does not stop there.

I am a champion for health care choices for women that are not restricted by men, men who DO NOT understand what women face day to day. I am a champion for public policy changes for paid maternity leave, at least 60-90 days. I am a champion for equal pay for women in all scopes of the business world. I am a champion for affordable child care. I am a champion for cancer research dollars. I am a champion for options for single mothers to find a way out of dependence on assistance, which for me is also affordable higher learning opportunities. I am a champion for immigration policies that keep families together and find a path towards coexistence.

Why in the hell is this so difficult in America these days?

#breastcancerresearch @breastcancerEI #womensissues #healthcarerights #DACA #paidmaternityleave #equalpay #AmericaDeservesBetter


Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research

American Cancer Society
you can find your local society, add your city after American Cancer Society

Or, Google the disease you are passionate about. Do your due diligence. Make sure the non-profit you discover makes their donations go towards the research or services you feel are important to you.

Do not delay!

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