The Solitude of Snow #SnowBeforeSpring

We had a record setting warm February this year, falsely giving us here in Idaho hope for an early Spring. I was considering mowing my backyard before my vacation, my sage was greening up, bulbs around town were peaking from their planters, even some trees were budding out.

Not to mess with Mother Nature, but we were relieved after a snow-maggedon from last year. Alas, we were fooled!

And yet, I love this change of pace.

I spent this weekend catching up on chores around the house I have been meaning to tackle for more than two months, taking time to pick up a book instead of my iPad, giving a few things away that I consider de-cluttering, and watching the snow fall.

I love this change of pace.

I will still go out and hike in the snow with my new dog, Murphy. And, on Sunday we did. I will still be a couch potato and even fall asleep. You know why?

Snow falling makes the world one helluva quiet place.

I love this change of pace

#LifeLesson #Solitude #SlowDownThePace #Mellow

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