My Love Affair with #BoiseIdaho

Home Sweet Home. My tiny house in Garden City, a town that is surrounded by Boise.

After being gone for a week back East, coming home was pure joy. It always is wonderful to arrive home, to be back again. Today it sank in even more as to that reason. The reason I chose Boise over a big city.

Maybe it’s just that it is Fall?

The streets are wider, tree lined and yet bursting with a small city energy. Right now, the colors are bursting. The contrast of former flowers that have not been pruned back next to like size shrubs that are a bright and yet soft red.

Upon my return, I had a few things to stock up for the week. Even the store aisles are wider! Everywhere I went, everyone smiled. Grocery shopping is so easy here with choices, parking spaces (seriously, this is a big deal!) and local sustainable selections.

I can take a power walk in the morning along the Boise River greenbelt in brisk temperatures, listening to the birds moving about, watching the new waterfowl arriving, eavesdropping on the chatter of friends or couples that walk or jog past me. The families stroll by with inquisitive children asking question after question with patient parents responding.

Maybe It is just Fall.

The pace all around my space is slower.

The skies are greyer and yet dramatic.

The foothills and mountains have that white dusting of snow.

The river is just that much slower in movement.

My phone has taken a break on the noise volume.

I am getting to that To Do list.

But the fall colors. Oh, the colors. Here, they are nearly in full swing, green contrasting yellows, oranges, reds, even purples. Instagram worthy picturesque settings.

Maybe it is just Fall.

I am home.

#lifelesson #Fall #BoiseIdaho #community




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