Stepping In To the Sunlight #MeToo

At the end of the day last night, I settled in a comfy corner of the couch to catch up on the world. My corner became more and more uncomfortable once I read the Me Too posts on social media from friends, from women across the world.

I feel that rather than coming out of a shadow, we women are stepping in to the sunlight. We are telling our story, perhaps stories. We are collectively informing the world that sexual assault is far more pervasive than anyone thinks. We are no longer whispering about it.

In an op ed piece on CNN, writer Kate Maltby writes “Perversely, however, the #metoo hashtag also puts the onus on women to dispense with our own privacy.”


For me, reading the stories makes me proud of the courage of women to speak out, to bare their souls in dispensing the past onto the present.

You go, girls.

Me too.


To read the full Op Ed from CNN:

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