What Do You See in a Sunflower? #Bees #Giving #HoustonStrong

Okay, let’s face it, wildflowers are special. Is it me or has anyone else noticed the stunning masses of sunflowers in the Boise Foothills? I have been here 20 years, and right now every single trail I hike or jog is draped in yellow sunflowers! Did you even know they self-pollinate with the help of bees? The large heads of sunflowers offer bees of all kinds a nectar and pollen “mother lode” according to sources I found on – yes! – Google.

Which brings me to my blog post today. Flowers are a gift from God and the Universe that bring a smile instantly. A smile to the giver, a smile to the recipient.

I think we all could use a few more smiles these days.

I learned a long time ago after reading Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success about giving small gifts daily. It is easier than you think….

To me, a gift can be as small as letting a person go ahead in traffic to holding a door for the person behind me. Helping someone in produce that asks a question. Sharing knowledge with a colleague in your industry. (After all, my success is your success!)

What do you do to give smiles to others? Have you ever given any thought to volunteering? If so, I commend you. If not, I ask you why? It is easier than you think….

On Sunday night, I was watching a news segment on NBC Nightly News about Hurricane Harvey volunteers. A man just said it all: “It’s easier to give than to not give”. Amen to that!

Neighbors helping neighbors. This thought alone brings me a smile of hope for America.

If you want to send items to donate, I urge you to read this first:


If you are a geek, here is a great link to learn about bees and self-pollinating


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