In The Eye of The Storm #HurricaneIrma #WorriedAllSunday

Gawl, all weekend my sister & brother and I sent group text messages to our brother in Fort Myers, Florida. He and his wife thought they could get out, but by the time they secured their workplaces, it was too late for flights or driving out. Then they chose to ride out the storm. Until Irma moved westward. Damn.

I kidded with my sister that if our Mom was alive, she would have begged them to leave a week ago. Yep, Mama would have done that. Instead, we had to worry and yet support Phil and Kim. We had to; it was the only way to get by this weekend.

I am not kidding, it was not quite as if we were there in Florida, but the instant messages were descriptive in the storm’s strength, exposing the fears that each one of us had before and after the storm passed. Not to mention what we all shared this weekend.

The strength of love, family unity, no barriers from damn politics. I am going to leave it at that.

The strength of our love, what we always had as kids, what we now have as adults. We were all on board when our parents were critically ill at their end. We were united. To this day, we still are united.

The family unity, one for all and all for one. Kind of cracks me up now that the anxiety has passed along with the storm’s eye over Fort Myers. We were all in it for each other. Exhausted, we went to sleep at the same time, despite four different time zones.

No barriers, just all raw feelings, sharing, joking to pass the time and help lessen the horrific anxiety we all had as the storm approached.

I am not super religious but I do believe in God, Jesus and whoever else follows their path.

Thank you, God, for weakening the storm over Florida.

And, thank you Verizon for great service! #lol

#HurricanIrma #FamilyLove #Unity #WeMadeIt #LifeLesson





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