My Gosh Darned Broken Heart #RIP Zeke

I don’t even know where and how and when to start this blog post. I had to say a bittersweet goodbye to my sweet dog, Zeke, this weekend. I had him just short of six years but those six years were full of smiles and laughter and f-u-n.

I heard about a breeder that was looking for a home for the last two puppies of their first attempt at labradoodles. When they brought over Zeke and his brother and another puppy, I knew right away I wanted the dog with the skinny tail. I wanted to have a companion on my morning hikes in the Boise Foothills, and he was an eager hiker right from the start.

Years later, he was my sole daily sidekick after Paul died. Zeke helped me through a very difficult time of grief and yet the year that followed Paul’s death was a year of deep learning. About myself, about others, about unconditional love from my dog.

Zeke would watch me cry and nestle up next to me, with that heavy sigh dogs do when they are content. I am convinced that heavy sigh means “I love you”.

In due time, my tears of grief lessened and it was high time to explore the world beyond with my dog pal. Heck, we were going to travel the Pacific Northwest! Then, his diagnosis of severe congestive heart failure interrupted the best laid plans.

So, we went set out on a bucket list for Zeke. Laurie & Zeke’s Adventure Tour.

We did a great deal together! Lofty goals were accomplished, too. Go back to the ocean. Ride the Washington State Ferry. Go for a boat trip, or two or three! Help us clam digging. Or, were those mussels? Go to McCall, Sun Valley, Salt Lake City, Park City. Play in the sand and play in the snow. Hike a mountain or stroll along the Boise greenbelt. Take cool dips in the Boise River on hot summer days. Chase squirrels in my backyard. Play with his many dog friends and let me tell you, he loved all dogs. Go to the office with Mom.

Zeke was one heck of a good dog, a super sweet boy with a personality and character that melted hearts.

Zeke loved life. And, so do I.

I am not going to get another dog but I sure am going to savor my memories.

#lifelesson #goodbyeZeke #goodbyegooddog #dogisgirlsbestfriend

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