Go Outdoors & Touch the Earth #NaturesBeauty

The difficult times in my past have always had the great wide open outdoors as one of my conduits towards healing. When I lived in Ketchum, I loved jogging in Adams Gulch on the Shadyside trail. In McCall, it was hiking in Ponderosa State Park. Here in Boise, it’s hiking/jogging the Boise Foothills in the summer, walking my dog through Esther Simplot & Veteran’s Park in the winter.

The thirteen years I lived in Ketchum gave me the opportunities to travel on road trips to national parks I every summer. Grand Teton National Park. Yellowstone National Park. Craters of the Moon National Monument. Glacier National Park. Point Reyes National Seashore. It was all a day trip away.

Living in Boise has expanded my trips to northern Idaho, the Oregon coast, the Washington coast. The Boise Foothills has a trail system that people from across the nation want to move to the Treasure Valley, it is truly a great asset we have here.

I have certain spots that give me the opportunity to take life down a notch, to breath deeper, to let go of the anxiety of a worrisome decision, to forget everything and focus on the sights and sounds of my outdoor playground.

There were many mornings on the trails that I went over life lessons in my head, working out the kinks that were obstructing my path. Each hike or walk or bike ride taught me that touching the earth by simply being with nature was the course to take. For me, it brought answers.

Why did that happen?

What am I going to do about it?

When am I going to change the outcome?

Where will my decision take me?

How will it help me grow?

I know some of you do not have the luxury of paths and trails out your front door. But you have parks, bike paths, scenic overlooks. There is something for everyone. Google it.

#lifelesson #naturesbeauty #outdoorhealing #theansweristhere

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