Grief Wears Many Hats in Life #ItComesInWaves

They saw grief comes in waves, and for me it appears to be a tidal wave. However, I have a sturdy life jacket called joy that helps me face the challenges before me.

My dear, sweet companion and best friend ever, my dog Zeke, has been diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure. It seems just when I had all sorts of plans I have to adjust life again. Such is life.IMG_5960

Zeke has been by my side during the most difficult time in my adult life, namely when Paul died one and a half years ago. He watched me with those big brown eyes when I cried and each time came to my side to snuggle with me. Zeke knew what it would take to help pull me out of the grief and back to the present moment. Well, the present moment may also have been time for a hike. Or a meal. Or a treat. No matter what, he taught me to pick myself up when I found myself in a state of deepest grief.

At times, it was not easy and I honestly could not come up with a reason why I had to pick myself up. It did take time to muster the energy to even move at times. It seems so long ago and yet it may just come back again given this recent news. Knowing what is to come is a blessing and a curse, that’s for sure. This will be difficult but it’s not about me, this is going to be about giving Zeke the best summer of his life.

Even with medications, the prognosis calls for a summer bucket list. And, what better season do accomplish this! I have made the decision to pave the path for Zeke and I with happiness and fun.  I’m going to need help with this, so please ring me if you can help:

dog-paw-print (Custom)Chase a cat to the fence and touch it. Bear in mind Zeke only likes the chase. This was accomplished last week.

dog-paw-print (Custom)Canoe Silver Creek Preserve in Bellevue, Idaho

dog-paw-print (Custom)Go for a boat ride. Since altitude will be a factor in summer travels, Lucky Peak will do. Zeke has his own life jacket.

dog-paw-print (Custom)Ride in a convertible. Dog sunglasses optional.

dog-paw-print (Custom)Road trip to the San Juan Islands to hang with Jenny P.

dog-paw-print (Custom)Get paws wet in ocean water and get so sandy a bath will be in order.

dog-paw-print (Custom)Road trip to the Oregon Coast to see girlfriend, Olive. Zeke likes to tease her by nipping at her tail.

dog-paw-print (Custom)Altitude will prevent going to the mountains, but perhaps a ride to Idaho City will do and find a great trail.

dog-paw-print (Custom)Get in lake kayak and cruise flat water. Perhaps Sandy Point at Lucky Peak State Park!

Stay tuned for more!!

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