Make Your Life Better by Being Kinder #SpeakWithIntention

Last week I witnessed, on a number of occasions, criticism that went too far. Complaining that went on and on. Opinions that were one sided. And as a result, feelings deeply hurt. This left me pondering, when did it become ‘okay’ to be so negative? Why can’t we wake up and smell the coffee and be grateful? Are we going to let the mood of our country affect who we really are?


I’m going to cut to the chase. This 2016 election cycle is frightening. America is a great country, period. We enjoy a way of life that other people on this planet dream about. I always felt every American should go to a third world country for 30 days in order to appreciate what they have here.

It appears that we have become a nation of complainers. Often times, I won’t even share a story I find online because of the cruel posts in the comment thread. There are trolls on every form of social media, just appearing out of nowhere to ruin the day. Others post or share what they find online, never bothering to fact check a fabrication.

And, innocently or not, we have also begun to treat others poorly. We speak before we think. I am reading a book titled, Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley, and so far what I am receiving is that thoughts become things.

If I choose to be positive, which I am anyway, then that positivity is a gift to those I come in contact with daily. I will admit I need to remind myself of this, every day. If we choose to be naysayers, then our universe will be negative. Why on earth can’t we be grateful for the good things in life? Can you imagine how much better your own life would be if you changed your outlook?

Look at the news when they report pieces on those who have found a way to change their outlook over a life tragedy. These people found a way to overcome their disability or their situation and now are a source of inspiration to their communities. We can do that, too!

I choose to be positive. I choose happiness. I choose to be kinder. If I slip up, call me on it, would you? I no longer want to let the negative tone get any of me. It does not deserve it!

Think first, be mindful. After all, life is what we make of it.

#bekind #bemindful #thinkfirst #lifelesson


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  1. I enjoy all of your posts but this one in particular is such a good reminder. Life is so short – let’s not fill the time with negativity. And that includes the conversations we have with ourselves, inside our own heads! Thanks Laurie!


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