It’s Time for a Group Hug #BetterToBeKindThanToBeRight

As many of you may agree, the rancor in this nation, in our cities and towns and in our own neighborhoods is simply mystifying. We could blame so and so, but let’s face it, our country is enduring an election cycle like no other we have experienced in history. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, pun intended. What are we going to do about this?

better to be kind

I am going to stop posting and sharing the negative news. Some of you know how difficult this will be since I am no wallflower, a bit opinionated! I actually went on my Facebook wall and deleted a number of posts that were spreading that negative message haunting me; this made me feel better and that is what my intention was.

What else can we do? I have always felt that we are the source of our own true happiness and love comes from within ourselves first. Lately, I am beginning to realized it’s our responsibility to spread joy versus negativity.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra made a difference in my life, and in the way I have evolved years ago when I first read the book. If you click on the link, take a look at the right sidebar for each spiritual law in condensed version. The law that made the most difference to me is the Law of Giving, and for me, that is giving a gift whenever I can. Mind you, this does not mean a wrapped present.

Letting someone go in traffic helps me to take those extra few seconds and breathe. I honestly don’t need to be in a hurry.

Holding a door for another person brings a smile and a thank you, which in turn gives me a smile back and allows me to gracefully receive a gift in return.

Sharing with a colleague, even one of my trade secrets. I learned long ago that “your success is my success”. Especially in my field of real estate!

Complimenting a person on what they are wearing, a hat, a scarf, a jacket, whatever. Haven’t you seen a person and thought, wow, that looks great! Or, I wish I could pull that off! Tell that person, I love your XX! The smile of surprise is just as bright as a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

By now I am confident you are getting the hang of this. Try it this week and enjoy!

#gifts #giving #happiness #joy


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