Not Knowing What You Are Doing, But You Are Doing It Anyway

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the heck you were doing, but you realized you were going down that path anyway, against your better judgement?

I choose to navigate a different route.

I learned a great deal this past year or so about attachments and wrong perceptions. Everyone falls in to these rueful situations, and yet we find ourselves getting sucked in to that same ole same ole.

figure everything out at once

I choose to navigate a different route.

I discovered letting go of things or perceptions that were preventing me from moving forward turned out to be my own path of healing. Did I hold on to that grief? I’m not sure but I eventually found myself more than ready to let that go. I had a dream this weekend that clearly was telling me from the other side that it is time to really, truly let go. So I did. I know that in Buddhism, those “things” are called attachments or perceptions.

Attachments can be to a thought, a thing, a person, an attitude. The list is endless. But why do we hang on to something that holds us back in life? For instance, how many of us look around our homes and admit we just have too much “stuff” and that there is indeed clutter in every room? How many of us wear blinders when it comes to performing a task, only to realize there really is an easier way but we still resist? How many of us won’t let go of a failed relationship out of fear?

Maybe that’s it, the fear of the unknown. And that is what is can be called a wrong perception. We suffer from our fears. We may think of a situation is a certain way and instead, because we assumed, that situation was actually completely different. Our wrong perception can hold us back from learning truths, learning about others and those we love in our life.

In choosing to navigate this different route, I have found that listening better, letting others have their say, or watching with an open mind helps me be a better person. I have even learned to not react with emotions because wrong words may come out. It’s better to think first, right? I have learned that true communication is the only way to resolve differences.

If only those in Washington DC did that! (humor folks, humor)

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To learn more about wrong perceptions, please read: The Mindfulness Bell


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  1. Very insightful, we humans are an odd lot. Ever notice how we can give advice so easely, but following it ourselves isn’t so easy. One thing that does holds true; the hardest part of any challenging project is the beginning.


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