Oh, the Places We’ve Been! Stories Behind Our Clothes

Yesterday afternoon I had a Clothing Exchange party, or my way of shopping on my birthday without spending a dime! I am really celebrating my 20 years cancer free, from breast cancer in my late 30’s.Clothing Exch 2015

My besties from the years I have lived here in Boise showed up and the plan was to drop what you no longer wear, find new items to cherish and the rest goes to the local women’s shelters. I thank each and every woman who gathered with me yesterday to celebrate and just have fun. Oh, and the two bartenders we had on hand, the only men. I have some sorting to do today, but while I sort I will cherish the memories from yesterday.

Which brings me to today’s post. I wonder where some of those clothes have been….. What city? What state? For that matter, what country? What time of year? Who wore that and who was that person with? My mind took a few journeys:

To a beach on the Pacific Ocean, watching surfers and kids squeal as the waves washed their tiny ankles

To a beach on the Atlantic Ocean, bird watching or reveling in a beautiful sunrise

To a family reunion, happy to watch everyone with smile on their faces (and getting along?)

To a long planned vacation, just settling in on the airplane, finally getting to that book on the wish list

To a backpacking trip, the first in years with a special person

To a road trip to the Oregon Coast, one that will fill the memory banks forever

To a trip overseas, to a new country an

d excited to get that new stamp on a passport

To a ski trip out of state with good girlfriends

To a weekend trip to a bigger city, to recharge and spend time exploring

You see, if you look deep enough, you can envision all sorts of adventures. I am looking forward to adventures yet to be!

#lifelesson #friends #birthdaybash

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