The Relationship You Have with Your Realtor®

Let’s say you want to purchase a new home, whether it’s your first home, you are downsizing, you are up-sizing or it’s an investment. Let’s say you want to sell a home for the very same reasons. What do you do first?


Well first of all, you contact a Realtor® and instantly receive guidance on a reasonable timeline of what to expect. Buyers will be advised to seek a lender. Sellers will be advised to do a pre-listing inspection. Generally, it’s that Realtor® that refers you to the resources you will be using during your transaction.  And, you contacted the same Realtor® that you met or helped you in the past that has actually stayed in touch. If you don’t remember your Realtor®, then ask for a referral from your friends. Or, better yet, call me!

During the course of your search marketing period, this professional Realtor® made everything just right for you. Maybe not perfect, but always managed to make sure that your best interests were the most important.  The phone calls, the emails, the text messages. The visits, the appointments, the conversations. Seriously, your Realtor® is who you are in touch with the most during the course of your business.

Now, it’s time for the closing. Yay! Everything worked out! You get to pack and move, finally! Don’t be daunted because your Realtor® even has some suggestions on where to get the best boxes and wrapping paper, who can actually come over to help you pack and refer you to the movers that are the most reliable. That Realtor® really does it all! At your signing, you leave the title company with elation. You shake hands with your Realtor® or perhaps exchange hugs since the relationship you formed went from business to friendship. Wow! You move, you unpack and you settle in.

But for your Realtor®, things are very different. It is as if the Realtor® broke up with a friend. Silence prevails. No more phone calls, no more emails, no more text messages and worse of all, no more communication. Silence prevails. No more high fives when something goes right. No more advice therapy from the driver’s seat. No more driving even! No more lunches! Oh, what is a Realtor® to do??

I have to tell you, at the end of a transaction it can be quite a downer. But thank goodness, what I really did was establish a new friendship or deepen an existing friendship. With friends, I stay in touch. I call, I text, and I stay in touch.

All is not lost but sometimes it feels that way! Do stay in touch, okay?

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