If You Don’t Test the Water, You Won’t Know How the River Flows. So Go With the Flow!

Sis, this post is for you. Before I offer what I hope is sage advice, I want you to know about your early years. The years you don’t seem to recall. The years that are beautiful memories for me.me n marianne

Mama was on bedrest with her last two pregnancies, and even more so with you. I remember her laying on the couch before dinner, and Phillip and I would try to help Mom make dinner from the nearby kitchen. We could hear her give us directions from the living room, and we would look at each other with “what?” but get it done all the same. When Mom & Dad brought you home, we felt that you were the prettiest baby in the world. You really looked more like Mom than the rest of us. I know that because of Mom’s frail health, I bottle fed you and changed your diapers to help her. You were my real life baby doll. So, you see, even though I did not have children, in a way I did thanks to you.

I think you and I became closer when I had breast cancer 20 years ago. I appreciate that you came to visit me that week before my surgery. It was the first opportunity we had to spend time together as adults. We were always close but that particular week sealed the deal. After Mom and Dad passed away in 2006, all of us – you, Phil, and Frank have become closer. And, that is the best part of carrying on as a family.

You have had some real challenges and you have become a stronger woman for it. I don’t have to spill the beans here, but together we have helped each other, counseled each other, laughed at corny jokes and so much more. Listening to each other is what has framed us a women without a Mother to call.

Now you are embarking on a new journey in your life. What I want to convey to you is this: you can be nervous and you can be excited. Call it nervous excitement. Because if you were not nervous, you would not be who you are. If you were not excited, you would not be a loving person.

Buddha spoke of being in the present moment. Don’t worry about the past, don’t worry about the future. Just be present and life will gift you what is in store for you. Jesus spoke of being present in parables so that we won’t miss God’s presence. So why should you worry about what you don’t even know will happen?

Little Sister, I want so much for you to be happy again, to not be afraid to open your heart to love again, to take the step of trusting again, and to find what you truly deserve in a loving relationship. My best advice is to be a good listener, always try to understand the other person’s point of view and be honest.

I am here to tell you anything is possible if you let your heart give it a try. After all, I am doing the very same thing.

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PS: Since we are on topic of siblings: Phil, I really am sorry for passing the salad dressing bottle with the lid barely on. (How old were we??) I thought you would pour the bottle on to your salad. But, no, you just had to shake the bottle! The stream of dressing in the air was the funniest prank I ever pulled on you. I still envision that in slow motion….Sorry, that memory came to mind and I just felt my readers needed the laugh.

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