480 Sq. Ft. of Living Space and That is Just the Beginning!

By now most of you know that I moved last weekend into a small cottage in the Art District in Garden City. Considering I went from 2,000 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. in 2009, this new living space is more than just interesting. I can tell you one thing: it is not a challenge. Yet.

my first real estate logo, designed by graphicsall
my first real estate logo, designed by graphicsall

In 2009, I let a number of furniture pieces go and kept what I was – at the time – attached to. The 1,000 sq. ft. townhome was just about perfect, too. I had a nice sized bedroom, a guest room that doubled as an office, a full bath and a half bath for guests. I downsized my life, my living expenses, and my way of life. It was also a very good change for me to have downsized as I did during the recession.

As it would turn out, I moved in to Paul’s house about a year ago, where I thought we would always hang out and grow old together. Then life got in the way when Paul died very unexpectedly last Fall. I will always be grateful for the place to land when I was forced out of Paul’s house. The agreement was that it would be temporary. So, when this little cottage became available, I jumped at the opportunity!

I honestly did not realize how small the place is until I began to move in. I knew I would have to give a few things up or away. But my dresser!?? Shoes!? Clothes!? Kitchen gadgets!? Books!? Art work!?

Ok, this meant it was time to do that annual spring cleaning! I now have a few boxes of clothes and shoes which will become the basis for my highly anticipated clothing exchange party. Kitchen gadgets are being outsourced to local charities. Books, well my books are intact. For now. Oh, and the dresser? Get this: I took it out of the space in the closet, purchased those stacking storage drawers and voila! I now have more room in my closet! I will admit that from now on I will be much more thoughtful for any and all clothing purchases. I have to be! Art work, well, some of it actually is hanging outside under the protection of my covered patio. One piece will be shipped to my brother. Another piece will be shipped to my niece who just had her first baby. Some I will keep for the future, and some I will simply give to anyone that admires it.

After all, giving is receiving joy.

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