What Does the New Year Mean to You?

Every new year we are challenged with whether or not to make resolutions, whether or not to even begin to write them down. If at all!  Well, rather than making a resolution, how about selecting goals? We’ve all heard that goal setting must and always be attainable and measurable. So to get started, roll your shirt sleeves, we are here to help you!

  1. Be realistic. How many transactions did you do in 2010? How much do you think you can realistically increase that number to? Be honest with yourself.
  2. Be smart about your choices. Figure out what is working and what is not. Get rid of what does not work and investigate what you can do instead.
  3. How can you increase your business? Quite simply, further your education first. Have you taken your Quadrennial Ethics class yet? Why wait?
  4. Have you achieved a new designation lately? Go to www.realtor.org and sign in to investigate the many opportunities that the National Association of Realtors recognizes. Then, go to www.myacaronline.com and find out which of those designations are being offered by the Ada County Association of Realtors or one of our many partners in the Valley.
  5. Be more communicative. We all like it when we get a call out of the blue or a card in the mail. When is the last time you did this for one of your past clients? Keeping in touch is very important in our business.
  6. Speaking of communicating, how about your interaction with an agent on the other side of a transaction? This is essential in the real estate industry, and getting “that in writing” is actually extending better service to your client.
  7. Be a master of your business plan and finances. Get a personal finance software program or if you are conducting business as a team a business accounting software program. Get rid of that shoebox! If you already have one of those programs, do you download your transactions? Have you updated your chart of accounts lately? Is your business plan working for you? When is the last time you revised your plan?

Ok, the above suggestions are just a few to get you started! Remember, Pipe Dreams are rarely realized but Goals can be achieved! Start by getting it in to your mind that success is something you deserve and something you can achieve. Think of your goal as a destination on a map, an aspiration you have chosen, an intention you can follow thru, an ambition you can achieve, when we build a home, we use plans so why don’t you?

Laurie Barrera, 2011 ACAR President

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