Proud and Humbled….

Last night I was proud, honored and humbled as I was sworn in as 2011 President for the Ada County Association of Realtors.

The best part of the evening was honestly, seeing everyone that has been and will be volunteers for ACAR for 2011.

Giving my speech

Talking to each person (I really did try!), saying thank you for each person’s service past or present, giving our volunteers a SUCCESS card for the coming year or giving the staff a THANKS card, and of course, catching up or meeting new folks made me realize just how blessed I am.

I am so fortunate to have such a fantastic staff and volunteer core because taking the leap or next step into the realm of leadership takes a village.

A leader cannot fill the task of leadership alone. It takes so much more, and what I spoke of tonight is so very important for the 2011 year. First of all, your suggestions for improvement. What can we, as your association, do better to help you with your business and your profession? Next what can we, as your association, do in return for you as a committed volunteer for our organization?

I must admit, I did take home the suggestions and opened all of them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every note. Great suggestions, fantastic ideas. I can assure you we will take our time to go over each and every single suggestion. We will brainstorm and find a way to meet your needs. We are excited to move in the very direction you want us to, and with you to help us, we will have a fantastic 2011 and future for the Ada County Association of Realtors.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!

Laurie Barrera

2011 ACAR President

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