Being Positive Has Its Advantages

I have always thought that there is a silver lining in all that happens in life, good or not so good. With that in mind, I thought about some positive notes to jot down to you to take a stab at the wall of blah that seems to have permeated the news.

  1. Real Estate Industry. Sell? Folks, this is an incredible time to sell. Yes, I wrote SELL. Sellers now have a captivated Buyer audience and they are actively looking in all price ranges. According to the National Association of Realtors, pending home sales were up 10.4% last fall. If the numbers work for you as a Seller, then consider selling if you want to make that move…..
  2. Real Estate Industry. Buy? Do I really need to remind you that interest rates are still (incredible!) at an all time low and pricing for homes are affordable again? Even Cramer on is ranting about interest rates and purchasing real estate!
  3. Real Estate Industry. Short Sales vs. Foreclosures. Ok, let’s be honest here, these sort of transactions can be challenging! If you have the patience, they are attainable. Enough said.
  4. Retail. According to the US Census Bureau, the numbers for 2010 were up. Hmmm, some consumer confidence? People are shopping again, and it wasn’t just for the holiday bargains. Don’t overlook this upward trend….
  5. Automotive Industry. Have you paid attention to the reports that this industry is gaining ground and making a comeback? Today’s headlines alone are all about energy efficient or electric cars. Future is the key!
  6. Jobs. There has been a slight upward trend in job creation, and a slight improvement in unemployment numbers. Employers posted a sharp increase in job openings last fall in October, raising hopes that hiring could pick up in the coming months. Imagine that.
  7. Stocks. This is Greek to me, but I keep reading about corporations that are posting gains. Today’s headline on Business section was “Wall Street Kicks off 2011 With Strong Gains”, attributed to manufacturing activity & construction spending both rose more than analysts were expecting.  Small companies, which are considered riskier investments, surged.

So, my “positive” take is just a piece of the pie. What other positive notes can you add? Think about it!

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