Step Away From the Car

Ok. Admit it. A train wreck day goes in so many directions that you have no idea if the outcome will be good or not so good. I hesitate to use the word “bad” because I have found that no matter what happens to me lately, there is a silver lining. Let me explain…..

I dinked around the house Friday morning and my departure to Valley County was a bit delayed, but I just had to stop at Jiffy Lube to top off my oil and get an emissions test, long overdue. I failed the emissions test but the nice staff at Jiffy Lube did not charge me for the oil top off. Hmmm, nice!

I cruise up Highway 55, no traffic (well, it was all behind me) and it was a gorgeous Idaho morning. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, clear roads, iPod blasting one of my favorite playlists. As I drive around the last bend into Round Valley, I instantly feel as if I have come home. I don’t know why, but right at that particular bend, I get the same feeling every time.

Then, I focus. I have to stop at Clear Creek and check a cabin for a buyer. No problem, right? I mean, the roads are plowed, right? Well, the road to the cabin was treacherous and NOT the way to get to the place at this time of year. The nano second I hesitated on this narrow and bumpy road, I got stuck and I mean stuck. I walked to the nearest house and borrowed a shovel, but my right front wheel had dug in too deep to make any difference. I started walking down Clear Creek Road to the highway, and two nice guys stopped to help me. Silver lining for this rescue is that one of the guys is starting a new job selling flooring, mostly eco-based products. A new resource for my clients!

 Now, back on Highway 55 driving towards McCall. I get pulled over by ISP for speeding. Rats. Oh well, I thought. I soon began chatting with the officer and found out about a foreclosure problem. I told him all about Neighborhood Housing Services ( and explained how they help homeowners in Idaho with loan modifications or foreclosures. Silver lining, I got ticketed (for non moving violations) and helped someone out in a way I never dreamed possible.

By now I was thinking, I want to get where I need to be going and park the rig for the weekend! No more car mishaps for this girl! Which is just what I did.

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