New Year, New Life

New Year, new life, what does that mean to you? Now that 2009 is behind us, what will 2010 bring? I can tell you what it will bring for me here in Boise: opportunities!

Changing real estate companies last year changed my business outlook completely. I am revitalized, recharged, on fire! I am taking more classes than ever before, soaking up ways to be more productive every day. Yes, I always had systems in place, but a new routine was in order. I am expanding my internet presence, finding web sites of great value for my business and information I can share with not only my clients, but my real estate community.

I am now in a leadership position on the Board of Directors for the Ada County Association of Realtors. I became more involved with ACAR because of what we give to our membership: top notch information & education, news about governmental affairs that affect us locally & nationally, plus the resources & tools they need for their business.

On a personal note, I have changed my workout routine, experimenting more with new healthy recipes, giving alpine skiing another go, and simply taking care of me. Downsizing last year was a blessing in disguise, a liberating feeling of getting rid of “stuff” and making my life simpler, period.

So, what are you doing to recharge your 2010? Resolutions come and go, but what one thing do you want to see or do differently? I find that if you make your changes realistic, they will be attainable. I make goals, not resolutions. And, I am flexible on the goals – why not!

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