Have We Forgotten What We Care About?

I’ve been thinking.

Yeah, I know, that’s dangerous (lol). All kidding aside, in our world, we are bombarded with the news. Not just local but national, and news that extends far away from our borders.

What do you care about?


Mass shootings

Lowering cost of insulin

Oil & gas price gouging

Veteran’s benefits

Baby formula

Ghose guns

Gun violence


Immigration reform

Women’s right to choose


Term limits

I challenge you all to one simple task: learn the process of bills that pass through in Congress and read the United States Constitution.

Don’t complain anymore! Instead teach yourself the reason(s) why certain things aren’t moving in a direction you feel they should. Because for your complaint there is an American out there that is complacent. Why? Because they do not know the reason.

Just think about how much more powerful your reasoning explained to a complacent person may be. We have just got to start somewhere!

#FactsMatter #Community #Process #KnowledgeIsPower

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