Sometimes The Truth Really Hurts #Truth

Why is it that often the truth is such a blow that we literally feel physically hurt?

Is it my heart? Was it my chest? Or, could it be just my brain?

I just don’t know anymore.

Our lives have been upended since 2020 with the pandemic. People have changed due to political situations. Rhetoric is at an all-time high not to mention hypocrisy. And, when did fear tactics take such a strong hold on our country? Why is it so difficult for some people to wear a damn mask to protect yourself and others? Why? How did selfishness come into play over the choices we make nowadays?

I know none of that happened overnight. And healing won’t happen overnight either.

I find myself wondering what I can do to be a better person so that at least my world is not filled with the sort of strife that seems to be swirling around me.

I have been better at meditating these days. Even 10 minutes is a good recharge.

My advice is to find a way to recharge. Be better. Speak better. Do better.

#BeTheChange #Community #Truth

One thought on “Sometimes The Truth Really Hurts #Truth

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  1. It comes and goes these feelings. Some days barely able to focus or get anything done. Stifled to stillness.

    Other days feeling gratitude for all the things good in our lives. Motivated to move. To reach out in small ways.
    Crazy times.

    Agreed how hard is it to slip on a mask so others feel more secure about getting out. Hard to comprehend selfish behavior.

    Each day another chance to try doing a small kindness for another.

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