Looking Back Has Its Standstill Moments #MakeADifference

A very special person told me recently that I had said something years ago that changed their life. The motion for them was towards making a daring change, a motion that helped them become the person they are now. A person that is assertive, a person that is strong in their beliefs.

We all have this power, the power to make a difference. But it is up to us to be more thoughtful and honest at the same time. The words we speak out loud make a difference in ways we may not know or understand.

Maybe if we can find a way to reflect out loud with the other person and help identify their struggle, we can find solutions together. Maybe if we can be better listeners, we can engage together. Quite possibly!

Often we let ourselves reacting instead of reflecting. Why is that person saying that? Why is that person doing that? What is happening to them to cause that reaction?

If we can influence another, what can we do in our lifetimes?

Years ago, after Paul died, I didn’t so much struggle with his sudden death, but I struggled with the “why” sort of grief. Losing him was obliterating and it hurt so damn much. I was so lost, and it was very difficult for me to express my feelings to my friends. It took me some time to recognize that what he gave me in such a short amount of time were gifts. Paul introduced me to Buddhism, Paul showed me what it was truly like to be deeply loved. Gifts I would not have had if it were not for his influence.

The friends who stuck by me back then that made a difference in my healing period of grief. I have decided to let them all know, individually of course, what they said that helped me get stronger during such a painful time in my life. And I will tell them how happy I am right now because that life experience has helped me become a better person.

Just so you all know, this week is the seven year anniversary of Paul’s death. He would be very pleased to know where I am now, how happy I am.

#MakeADifference #Listen #Dialogue #Friendship

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