When Conservation at Home Is Imperative #SummerHeatWaveTips

I never thought that climate change would accelerate so rapidly in my lifetime. We all are acutely aware of the unprecedented heat wave in the west. Heat, fires, smoke, you name it. What can we do at home? A few examples:

  • Watering your yard early in the morning is by far the most effective. The temperatures are cooler, winds are calmer. Water has a better chance to soak into the soil in the mornings. If you can, adjust your zones to longer times – 20 minutes – only 3 days per week. A zone that waters your garden will need about 30 minutes. Adjust when the temperatures are extreme. I made adjustments to my watering cycle today after reading these two websites!
  • Being aware of conservation efforts, what about conserving during a heat wave? For instance, I have my lamps on only at night, if that. I am watching less television and listening to audio books. The window that gets the most western sun is shut (blinds) beginning at noon. I am using my air fryer vs. my oven. It all adds up!
  • What to do when it’s hot and you want to get out?
    • Get a sky book and observe the stars and constellations at night
    • Find an art video and learn new drawing and coloring skills
    • Get stickers and make a collage
    • Board games are always fun
    • Plant an indoor herb garden
    • Have an indoor picnic
    • Go to the library
    • Paint rocks with acrylics, paint a mandala!

#GreenPractices #SustainableLiving #ConservingWater #ConserveEnergy

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