Taco Tuesday or #HappyDay for Me!

If you don’t know already, I hike at least 2 miles every day with Murphy. When it’s hot, we go as soon as the sun rises. When the days are colder and darker, we head out as soon as we can. After all, Murphy’s mom has to work!

This morning was an exceptional day on the trail. Every single person I encountered was happy “have a great day!”, friendly “good morning!”, complimentary “by the way, I like your shirt!”, offered information about coyote sightings (that was helpful), traded petting each other’s dogs (Molly always gives Murphy a treat). I noticed that every passerby gave me a reason to smile and I truly appreciate the difference it has made in my day today.

I learned long ago that it’s the little things in life that I recall with pleasure. So, I try to give a gift daily. Letting someone go ahead in traffic. Holding a door for the next person. Pay it forward at a coffee shop. Tip extra at a restaurant. Compliment a helpful staff person at a store.

When I got home this morning, I helped my neighbor rake up the bazillions of pine cones from our shared tree – we filled 3 black garbage bags! But we did that together and we both noticed how fast we got the job done. We both appreciated our combined effort. She told me she has lived in her place for 9 years and that no one has ever helped her. I am so glad I took the time.

Thank you, universe for the small gifts I received this morning!

#HelpingHand #LifeLesson #Community

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