How About Being Positive? #RespectEachOther

I am beginning to wonder if Americans are no longer shocked by what they hear: they either believe one way or completely another way. Are we no longer paying attention or are we grappling with the onslaught of negativity? Why have we become unmotivated or procrastinators in our daily lives?

Is it COVID19 or is it political rhetoric?

Is it the online news or is it local television news?

Why are we not heeding the advice of experts?

Why do some us believe everything they hear television?

Who the heck is even fact checking these days?

I’ll tell you what, I had to face the fact I have become numb this weekend. News of yet another friend who took their life. I had the oh gawd reaction, and then I was numb. I thought about this and decided to meditate a bit, then finish hanging my artwork in the guest bedroom.

I have decided I do not want to be numb any longer. I know it’s really daunting these days, but we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent.

I know that people can be mean spirited on social media. Let’s pull ourselves away and let the negativity go. It’s not worth the energy of getting upset. And the damn name calling on social media. Someone has to start first and stop that behavior. Dang, it will be difficult!

Some complain about wearing a mask. Seriously? Have we become selfish or will be set an example for our neighbors and just wear that mask when we are out of our homes?

I know that life is truly challenging right now. Some of us have lost family or friends to COVID. Some have lost jobs. Some have jobs that will never be the same. Some are afraid to go back to school. Some want to play sports but is it worth a health of a young body? Some of us have to stay home. Some of us have jobs that have to interact with others. Some are feeling expendable at work.

If you can find a way to listen better, be better and help better, then I am fairly sure we will make it all work out.

#BeTheChange #PositiveAttitude #LifeLesson #PayAttention

7 thoughts on “How About Being Positive? #RespectEachOther

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  1. Hi Laurie B.
    I’m going to jump right in here & say that in most instances I am the optimist. But, in my opinion, the short & sweet of it is, if ever a time to be angry, make noise, it is now.
    In my lifetime, other than 9/11 & the explosion of The Challenger, these years of the Donald Trump Presidency have been a disaster.
    I am a Democrat. I am not a far-left liberal, a snowflake, I do not hate America, Republicans or God. I am not a do-nothing Democrat. I am a member of a political party Created by our founders years ago to create balance to our hovering system.
    But as a Democrat, I feel I have my hands tied, I’m told daily by our countries leaders I am evil & not to be trusted. I feel helpless, but not hopeless. This is where your message of positivity comes in. If we lose all hope, we have nothing.

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  2. In my lifetime the disasters I can recall on have been 9/11, the explosion of The Challenger with the first women to go into space, and this Donald Trump presidency. I stand back with my hands tied feeling helpless, captive, stifled.
    However, I don’t feel hopeless because without hope you have nothing. This is where your message of positivity comes in. But it’s hard during these times.
    Our founders created the two
    political party to assure there is balance in governing our country.
    This does not exist anymore.
    As I am normally an optimist. I’m trying not to lose that in this time of chaos & division in our country. It seems Pandora’s Box has been opened & there’s no going back.
    However, as our country will never be “the same” again, it shouldn’t be. There were many things that needed to be improved upon, to help our country, to help our fellow man. Equality does not exist.It seems this has all fallen by the wayside by men with too much power, greed & ego. Again., there is no balance.
    I am a Democrat. I do not hate our country, Republicans, God; and I am not a “do-nothing Democrat “. But I do have the fight in me to change this. We must unite. We cannot give up this fight. We need to keep that fire in our bellies.
    In closure, if think the only option we have is, in the words of John Lewis, “make noise, make good trouble”. We cannot sit down & be silent. We must shout from the rooftops that “this is not okay!” We must unite in the fight for change; for balance. Our only real option, in hopes it is done, with urgency & without interruption, is to vote. “Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.”

    I am a Democrat. I am far left, I do not hate or my country, or God. I am not a do- nothing Democrat. My opinions should matter, they should count. They don’t anymore.

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  3. I apologize for repeating basically the same comment twice. I thought I lost the first one, I couldn’t find it, so I started another, and both posted.

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