Dear Idaho Statesman Editor #HelpCareTrust

Dear Editor,

I want to convey to my community why I support Joe Biden for POTUS in the 2020 Election


I am confident that Joe Biden will be the person to help heal our nation from the deep divide we have found ourselves in since 2016. America needs the kind of help that comes from empathy and compassion for all Americans.


Biden demonstrates that he cares about America by his lifelong service for our country. He advocates for fairness in the justice system, social equality, economic equality, and the collective effort to bring justice to our cities and towns by legislation that will reform antiquated laws. Joe Biden cares about the importance of health care in this country, women’s issues, DACA, immigration, education for our future generations and the environment.


I trust that Joe Biden will always have a plan, no matter what the issue or matter America faces. I trust that Biden will listen to experts, his military advisors, scientists, experts.

America is currently in crisis mode: the current global pandemic, the skepticism of news and information, and our nation’s standing in the world that has eroded under the current failed leadership. America requires leadership whose sole focus is for Americans, not corporations or donors.

Laurie Barrera

#Election2020 #Vote2020 #JoeBiden2020

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