Emotionally Exhausted #2020

Breaking News!!!

Quite frankly, these days I have found myself to be emotionally exhausted. I can barely think of anything to write for this blog. The news cycle is at warp speed since you know who took office.


Black Lives Matter

2020 Election

Locusts, earthquakes, floods, dust clouds, crazy weather!

And I had to move. So, how do I find that silver lining I am known to be good at finding?

Well, I got rid of things that would not fit in my new, smaller place. I am donating what has been in a box for what seems like an eternity. Sold my queen bed and now I will have a daybed with a trundle which will take up less space. The guest room will have enough space to be my meditation space, yoga space, TRX space. One good thing about packing and unpacking is that it makes you give a great deal of thought to the question, do I really need this?

Then, while I was at it, I cleaned up my inbox in Outlook. Why keep emails from 20whenever?

Real estate has not slowed down here in the Treasure Valley; I even had to postpone a road trip. You know what? I am taking advantage of the time to search out of the box for different listings for my buyers. Hey, this could work, maybe!

Somehow, I managed to move my garden from beds to pots to the new yard. I won’t have a banner harvest, but I will have a harvest, that’s for sure.

So, that’s it for my big deal breaking news. I feel so much better now!

#LifeLesson #2020IsNuts

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