My Reasons to Call Family, Friends, Clients #BeAuthentic

I am going to admit I am exhausted by the constant barrage of news. If you know me well, you already know this. I have been slowly but surely not getting on social media in the middle of the day. I just left a number of Facebook groups to make sure that my mental health is protected. I am now posting only from Instagram. I love taking pictures therefore I love Instagram.

Seeing is truly believing about the goodness of life.

Looking at the pictures or videos of what my friends and colleagues are experiencing reminds me of the joy of life and how we all share in our simple pleasures. I take a great deal of pictures of clouds and I am considering finding a local business to display them. Yeah, me. A budding artist!

We cannot dig ourselves into a cave to insulate from the news, right? So, what I am doing is calling people more often. Years ago, I started a habit: when I thought of them, I called. These days that is also a text. Go figure. No matter how I reached out, even by email, I was treated by a response. Now I am making a more conscious effort to call because I have slipped into a cave of sorts. My intention is to crawl out with a new set of eyes when I see my world.

There does not have to a reason to call other than to say hello, to touch base, to ask how the person on the other end of the line is doing. You may be surprised by the response.

And you know what? The responses I receive back always give me the gift of a smile. How great is that??

#LifeLesson #ReachOut #Communicate

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