Some Things Are Not Meant To Be Rushed #SlowDown

My sister and I have been discussing the pros and cons of a slow cooker versus an instant pot. I am here to tell you that for me, being single, I prefer a slow cooker. I love walking in the door at the end of the day to the sweet aroma of comfort food. However, if I lived with someone and we had kids, I can see where the instant pot would be far easier.

For me, the thing I like the best is to just hang out, chill at home, not be in a hurry. I love lousy weather so I can justify (in my mind, of course) staying in my pajamas all day. That is why a slow cooker is so appealing to me. Just hang ten.

When I consider just how fast and furious life has become, anything slow resonates.

You are going to laugh, but I like driving the speed limit because I can take a long look at the surroundings. I like sitting at the top of a hill and looking at the view. I like moseying up and down every aisle at the grocery stores, especially specialty stores. I like road trips and stopping at historical road signs and especially scenic overlooks. I would rather ride my bike a tad slower so I can see the flowers on the side of the road. The Capital City Public Market and the Farmers Market here in Boise are especially appealing because of so many things to see, so much fresh food I can buy. You get the picture…..

Maybe it’s just me, but I savor slowing down.

#SlowDown #LifeLesson

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