What’s In Store for 2020? #CatchUp on Life #LessFacebook

This blog post has taken me literally two days to write. I wanted to share with you what I have in mind for 2020. How do I convey my thoughts, my goals, my travel bucket list, my dream of creating more whether it be in my kitchen or in an art journal?

By being honest and truthful. Guaranteed winner every time. But one thing kept creeping up in my head…..

Last year I was so engaged in my work and my career that I did not have time for social media over the workday hours. That was a silver lining in itself! No negativity! No longer was I frustrated and sucked into conversations. Facebook is the culprit!

If you are exhausted from the same ole same ole memes, rancor, non-fact checked posts, have you given any thought about disconnecting from too much Facebook? Can you possibly be tired of the unnecessary drama?

Personally, for me, it’s the politics. I am fine with the cutesy pictures. But I am tired of being annoyed with statements that can easily be fact checked.

Don’t you get exhausted reading comments on posts or at the end of a news story? These days, everyone is an armchair foreign policy expert or national security advisor or state law critic or law professor or scholar. No, you are not. Don’t complain about opinion editorials when you are merely professing your own opinion, too!

I can fact check your meme every time. And now, I am just not going to bother. I am SO done.

I do look at Facebook because I belong to a few groups, the most important is a closed group at my office. I have always had the philosophy that “your success is my success”. Therefore, I share. Being knowledgeable with and ahead of my industry is important to me.

That works for me! Besides, I say this often, be a good listener. It’s far more revealing.

#LifeLesson #Grateful #Goals

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