We All Should Stop Judging & That Includes Me #BothSides

I have found myself in certain situations that made me hit my own brakes to stop and think about the issue at hand. Why do people judge or react the way that they do? Let’s face it, we all jump to conclusions.

Damn driver, what a jerk!

Cruel bastard, they have no feelings!

Nasty woman, she has no soul!

Stupid kids, they should know better!

Yes, some people are jerks or have no feelings or no soul or should know better. But, why don’t they? We have no idea of what happened to them as a child or what is going on in their home or why they are in such a hurry.

Systematic indoctrination shapes us as we grow up and if we don’t want to change, we won’t. Breaking a pattern from your childhood is not easy, but if the behavior is negative, then you will be a negative person. You can break that cycle. Seriously!

That’s why the self-help category in a bookstore is enormous! And now, we have thousands of blog websites to help us carve out a new us. What the heck.

I for one find myself lately falling into negativity and it takes a conscious effort to turn that around. It really doesn’t matter to me what the reason is for another person to act poorly. What matters is how I react to them.

My very best real estate mentor, Sherry Daech, taught me this saying:

It’s better to be kind than to be right

Spot on, sister!

#lifelesson #takeabreak #twosidestoeverystory

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