I Survived Post Op by Slow Cooking #SirloinTipRoast

My post op recovery time was and still is literally a breeze thanks to meal prepping prior to my heart surgery. I love my slow cooker, love the food aromas when I get home from the end of the day. And, I love making up recipes!

I do not have heart disease; my condition is hereditary, and the time came for a much needed repair or tune up as I like to call it. The most interesting outcome was no opioids after less than two days (made me too nauseous), no real pain per se but definitely tenderness at the incision site, and my own personal determination to get back on my feet. I did the same after my mastectomy 25 years ago; back then I was hiking Bald Mountain after one week, drains and all. I must admit that this time, no hiking occurred so soon!

One of the meats I slow cooked was a sirloin tip roast that I bought, not realizing that cut would be a challenge. First, I had to do some research on that cut of beef. Turns out sirloin tip is a cut that requires long cooking times and a slow cooker is perfect for this cut. Then I had to calculate the time because my roast was only two pounds.

Then came the seasonings! I recently restocked my kitchen with Tastefully Simple Rustic Herb Seasoning but you can make your own or use another brand.

Rustic Herb Blend
Rustic Herb Blend

I will admit I find a seasoning blend and purchase it vs. making my own. Let’s get to the recipe:


2 pound sirloin tip roast
¼ cup Rustic Herb Seasoning
¼ cup quality flour
1 pint canned garden tomatoes or organic chopped tomatoes
6 oz robust red wine or substitute if you do not want the alcohol



Rinse the roast, pat dry and place on platter. Spread the seasoning on the roast, patting down to completely cover. I let my roast season overnight in my refrigerator. You can do the same for at least 2 hours.

Remove roast from refrigerator and bring to room temperature or at least an hour. Pat the roast with the flour and set aside. Using a heavy fry pan, spray with nonstick canola or oil of choice with a pump sprayer or mister. Heat pan on medium high and add the roast. Brown on all sides and place in slow cooker. Add the tomatoes and wine and cover.

I cooked my roast for 6 hours on low. A four pound roast would be 8 hours.

Shred the meat and serve over creamy polenta or the side dish of your choice: potatoes, gnocchi, rice, noodles.

Bon Appétit!

#SlowCooker #ItalianRoast #MealPrepping

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